We believe that Bucharest awaits being discovered, recovered and set in motion. For the past few years we’ve all turned to new perspectives, but there’s room for more. The city holds unfathomed forgotten spaces that, once brought into the open, can link the city’s past with its future. We believe in activists, ecologists, programmers, engineers, artists, designers, anthropologists, landscape architects, journalists, cineastes, architects and city planners that can and will work together, to set the basis for a new better Bucharest. Will you join us?


we wish to form a young, creative, multi-disciplinary professional team whose members responsibly and methodically learn and grow together


two architects, two city planners and a film producer. All five of us have a common goal: to make Bucharest a more open and livable city


is an urban initiative set to unleash Bucharest’s latent energies


We intervene in urban spaces, taking on social and cultural issues in ways that improve the city’s texture. This is just a first step. Next, we will be setting up an all-round professional network of young activators that will set Bucharest moving.

we actively research

the city, immersing ourselves in its urban situations.  We look for the questions that start dialogues with the public we then involve into understanding and critically searching for answers and solutions.

we counsel and propose

means to better and promote the city’s livability and urban culture.

we test and intervene

applying the  minimal intervention that generates the largest impact, offering that substantial, but unexplored, improvement.

we educate and podcast

organizing workshops, public debates and guided tours, writing articles and collecting personal stories of the young professionals of Bucharest.


our  factual declaration of ideas and ideals, beginnings and (r)evolutions
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BLOG – Urban Experience

Our Urban Experience talks gather the stories of Bucharest’s young activators. With the support of our partners, Radio Seven and ART7, we share the personal and professional experience of those who contribute to Bucharest’s urban culture, shape its social communities, and push the city towards an open and responsible development. Their own trails make for Bucharest’s human map, and we are here to connect the dots.