Bucharest in Details – ongoing research and proposals

A very personal project to all members of our team, this research started as a natural response to our everyday urban experience, walking in Bucharest. Whether or not walking with our kids, carrying bags, or a cast on a leg, being a pedestrian in our city requires a continuous and risky route adaptation in order to avoid a large palette of obstacles. Cars that block pedestrian crossings and sidewalks, large recycling bins, transformers of all sorts and odds, disused light-poles, high curbs, breaks in the pavement, poor urban furnishings and lighting, these are all elements of street design that not only guide our steps, but also impact our health, mood, behaviour and affection towards Bucharest. We therefore set up a methodology – going back to the street level, observing and noting all its details, uses and users, identifying its problems and potential. The research and remodelling process involves professionals and community together; we will keep you posted with our research and tactical urbanism developments, and, in the meantime, invite you to take part.

Collaborators: Grupul de Inițiativă Civică Kiseleff

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