Urban Experience #38, with Andreea Matache

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Andreea is an architect, urban planner with a penchant for anthropology, researcher and catalyst of communities, and also a teacher. Moreover she is a third generation citizen of Bucharest, and the city has been part of her upbringing as a far relative that lives off the family’s memories. She spent her childhood in the idyllic house and garden of her grandparents, bathed in the afternoon light that made everything seem like the inside of a grape from Eliade’s stories. Home took multiple shapes along the changes that came with age, its magic lounged the walls of the block of flats, or hid in the drawers of home made furniture. It also led her curiosity into researching how architects, investors, agencies, administrations, clients and communities made, sold, lived and appreciated it. Her studies of residential typologies and the dynamics of cities’ centres and peripheries are not the only subjects stirring her energies, as she also gets involved in improving neighbourhoods and saving authenticity, whether in the shape of cinemas, sixties ensembles or the reinterpretation of tradition, in education, and, every once in a while, for her friends only, in fashion experiments.

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