Urban Experience #39, with Alex Trăilă

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Alex is a movies man. Or better still, a constructor. He set off pursuing architecture, then crossed towards engineering, and chased away by formulas and graphs, moved on to photography and cinematography. Film production, curating and organizing film festivals came naturally afterwards, and this is where and how the process of building connections took off. He sets up systems: dialogues between cineasts and distributors, between emerging artists and experienced ones, between the administration, political factors and professional organizations. Having collaborated with the Ministry of Culture he is now involved in the National Centre of Cinematography. Yet, festivals are the places where scaffoldings grow higher and faster.  Since 2010 he has been the one behind the Work in Progress section of Sarajevo Film Festival, then he briefly led the industry platform of TIFF, and now, he is the artistic director of the European Film Festival. We talk about films as the defining collaborative art, about culture overcoming politics, and about Sarajevo Festival, the one place and moment where, if out running in the rain, you may stride along Wim Wenders.

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