The ground-floor, four street windows and one entrance of Cesianu Racovita Palace are returned to interacting with pedestrian public space. Setting the formerly unused space with art exhibitions of collections up for sale, the Artmark Galleries opens up towards the city.

We remodelled the transitory space of art pieces from the storage vaults to the buyer and displayed the ritualistic circuit as a show. Welcoming the collectors, acquainting the art, choosing the pieces, waiting for and acquiring them, are all stages of a story. We wanted to layer art pieces so they would make their own space, while allowing transparency and flow, so we hanged them on metallic frames. The flaming rust floor, the reflexes of paintings and visitors, and the crystal box of the waiting room extend the fascination of the art window opening to the street, creating an elegant expression that can seed the dream of a future breakfast at Artmark.

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