SinCronic was set up as a double exercise, on one hand as a dialogue between ceramic artists and sculptors, and on the other as a space-changing exhibition. The first part took place during the summer of 2016, as a workshop organized by UMA ED. We entered the project once the art pieces had already been finished, but not yet set into their interconnected stories. Together with Rodica Buzoianu, the organizer, and Igor Mocanu, the curator, we chose to continue the approach we started with Art Safari Bucharest: opening up and rehabilitating the memory of abandoned patrimonial buildings through art. As the exhibition was itinerant, we chose as starting point the Casino of Constanta, and paired its decay, decadence and live-in pigeons with mirrors and light, its outside noise with music, integrating all in a scenography that weaved together space and art pieces. Deva and Bucharest followed, with gentler, tamed spaces – art galleries, street windows, hidden houses, and the art stories contoured around them.

Initiator and partner: UMA ED – Rodica Buzoianu, curator – Igor Mocanu

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