Urban Giraffe – tactical urbanism

The Urban Giraffe names a series of tactical urbanism interventions we started in Bucharest, set to imperfectly solve the problems that the city offers each day. Just like a clumsy giraffe, that we got used to ignore even if it takes up space and effort in adapting around it, such problems make up our routine: a blocked crossing, a car occupying the sidewalk, a Christmas tree abandoned in full street, falling plaster.

This giraffe here lies at the crossing of Tunari and Eminescu streets. For the past 8 years the sidewalk had not been remade although mud step tracks show it as a highly trafficked point. We proposed PLUS Sector 2 to install a temporary wooden bridge, that would solve the problem with minimal invasiveness and also bring the issue to the authorities’ attention. Donations and voluntary work helped us build, test, set and inaugurate the bridge. Two weeks later, the authorities repaired the sidewalk, and the giraffe vanished in thin air 🙂

With thanks to PLUS Sector 2

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