Reclaiming the River – competition

 Along, To and Across: A vision for a river that binds

Architectural competition, 2nd prize

The segment of the River Dâmbovița between Mărășești passage and Mihai Bravu bridge will become an attractive public space where local communities, makers, visitors, students and passers-by meet and enjoy its newly found qualities. The exceptional social-ecological potentials of the river are utilised and its surroundings are transformed from a technical infrastructure and barrier into a vibrant landscape of transition. 

The River Dâmbovița will become the backbone that links the city centre to the wider natural landscape, making the river space not only attractive to people but to other ecosystems as well. The ecological qualities of the river will be enhanced, fish and birds species will be welcomed through riverbank installations and green space densification. 

Five strategic riverfront interventions, bound together by a re-designed longitudinal route and a set of enforced transversal pedestrian connections ‘anchor’ the city in the river. The materiality of the new riverfront reflects the history as well as the innovative character of the city of Bucharest. The project builds upon the existing potentials and paves the way for a sustainable transformation for the urban corridor of the River Dâmbovița.

Association of BAZA. Deschidem orașul + interscalar V.O.F.

project team: Maria Duda, Matei Bogoescu, Claudiu Forgaci, Dragoș Dordea, Ana Dincă,  Zenaida Elena Florea, Teodora Ganea, Andrei Cumpănășoiu

collaborators: Anca Ioana Forgaci, Judith Taraba



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