Urban Experience #36, with Adrian Buga

#arthistorian #curator

Adrian is an art historian and curator, but what defines him best is art finder. He also uncovers forgotten stories and histories of houses, artists and artefacts that he brings back to light. He has always been a keen and precise observer, and has trained since childhood as self taught explorer of the city, roaming the streets and libraries and studying old photographs. He gathers subjects, documents them and then publicly exhibits them, publishes them. He is a librarian of lives and objects, constantly investigating, stocking and connecting. Recently, he brought out Eva Cerbu, at the Peasent Museum, with her drawings, engravings and instruments, of fine irony and poetry during a time the world allowed none, then Jana Gertler, who painted the windows of the State Jewish Theatre, and soon, he’ll be presenting Dem Demetrescu, the author of the first Romanian comics and animations.

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